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Our nurse watches are ideal for nurses, doctors, therapists, clinicians, paramedics, beauty and spa workers, food service workers

Our name says it all...  We carry the Internet's largest in-stock selection of nurses watches, including round, heart, patterned silicone nurse watches.  We also carry a novelty and metal collection of Nurse FOB Watches.

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What to Look for When Buying a Nurse Watch

A major advancement in the medical world, the Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policy of both the United Kingdom and Australia requires medical practitioners to do as the policy's name says,... Read more +

How Nurse Watches Help Add Color to Your Nurse Uniform

As a nurse, your scrubs help identify who you are in a hospital or medical setting. These days, there are a variety of patterned scrubs you can wear depending on... Read more +

Have You Heard of Bare Below the Elbows? What is it?

Have You Heard of Bare Below the Elbows?  What is it?“Infection prevention and control is an essential element of patient care and one that has often been undervalued in recent... Read more +

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