Nurse Week 2018

Nurse Week 2018

Nurses Week 2018 runs this year from Monday May 7th through to Sunday May 13th.  This year we are again proud to be hosting giveaways on our Instagram page with some popular and some up and coming nurse bloggers & influencers!

Our list of Instagram contributors this year includes:

Kati Kleber (Instagram @kati_kleber) a popular nurse blogger, author and speaker.  Her FreshRN site 's goal is to help new nurses grow into safe and confident bedside care providers as fast as possible, through encouragement and education.

Mighty Nurse Megan: (Instagram @mightynursemegan)  Megan is a registered nurse working on an oncology floor. On her site you'll find tidbits about life, clothes, tips and tricks for nursing school, and everything in between.

Nurse Nacole (Instagram @nursenacole)  Nacole is a registerednurse who is passionate about nursing.  She has aYouTube Channel directed at helping prospective, new and experienced nurses. Whether your dream is to be a nurse or you are enrolled in nursing school, she can help you be the best version of yourself.

Cashmere Nagano (Instagram @merelycash)  Cashmere is a wife, mother, and total fashionista—she is also is a registered nurse and family woman with style!
Student Nurse Jessica (@studentnursejessica)  Jessica is a brand new nursing graduate, future RN and aspiring NP. 
We will be  giving away nurse watches everyday of Nurses Week, but you can't win if you're not following us on social media!!  Be sure to follow all of these Nursing sites for tips, information and real talk!  We are so honored to be working with this DREAM TEAM of healthcare WONDER WOMEN for #nursesweek 2018.