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Anatomy of a nursing student

Posted by Jamie Abbott on

Would you rather give a shot than drink one at the bar? Are you more excited about blood than about the cast of Twilight? If it seems common to see yourself picking over every medical drama on TV, saying comments like “this would never happen in real life”, or to catch yourself diagnosing every symptom your family or close friends has, don’t worry, you are not alone. Sometimes it might feel that nursing students are part of a clan, where you have to study hard and run around with a heavy backpack full of medical equipment and heavy books.

Being a nursing student is not easy. Knowing that, created an infographic that shows the anatomy of a nursing student. The traits are funny, but not far from truth. From attire, to attitude, habits and social life, you will see a few traits that are commonly shared among nursing students. The infographic also includes some fun facts, such as the highest nursing paid occupation and the number of nurses currently working in the US.

Are there any other traits you would add to the list?


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The Anatomy of a Nursing Student
Image compliments of Nursing School Rankings

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