Why it's Essential to Have a Nurse Watch with Military Time

When it comes to working as a nurse, one of the most important tools you can have is knowledge of time. From being prepared to count heartbeats to having the tools needed to record when a patient is coding, a watch helps you to do your job successfully. However, with the change to Bare Below the Elbows and the current demands of nursing duties, it is important that you choose a timepiece that will work with you. Check out these tips for choosing a nurse’s watch with military time and other settings that are vital for nurses.

Documentation Essential

For a nurse, having a watch that will let you record timing for events, such as when a patient codes, is mandatory. Your watch should be able to help you keep time for your job. A military style watch will help you to make more accurate counts. Begin using a military watch in your nursing school days and you will be a pro by the time you are picking up shifts at your local medical center.

Works with Your Scattered Schedule

Working a nursing schedule often leaves you pulling swing shifts. You might work for 12 hours and be off work for eight hours one week, and by the next you are working a 16 hour shift thanks to overtime. Never can you anticipate a steady schedule as a nurse. As a result, the Americanized 12 hour timing of most timepieces does not coincide with your daily routine. Depend on a watch set at military time to help you keep up with your busy nurse schedule.

Reduce Germs

While having a timepiece should be as much a part of your attire as your stethoscope, you need to consider what kind of timepiece you need to use. For instance, those nurses who wear a wristwatch are becoming obsolete thanks to the new Bare Below the Elbows policy. This policy is coming into effect across North America, forcing nurses to rethink their methods of telling the time. Be prepared to reduce the amount of germs that are spread thanks to the use of a watch fob or pin.

Dealing with the Dark

On occasion you may find yourself in a situation that requires telling the time in the dark. For instance, you may be in a crisis situation in a patient’s room during the middle of the night, leaving you with little to zero visibility of your timepiece. Don’t be left in the lurch when in the middle of a medical crisis. Take control of the situation with the help of a glow-in-the-dark fob or pin for your go-to timepiece.

Style Matters

Even when you are at work, you want to be identifiable as an individual. After all, when in crisis mode the last thing you want to do is make a mistake because you can’t recognize those on your nursing team. Set yourself apart with the aid of a pin or fob in a stylish design, such as a patterned silicone fob watch or a metallic fob featuring a fashionable look. Give your nursing outfit an added punch, while maintaining your professionalism, by adding one of the NurseWatches.com timepieces in either a pin or fob style to your work uniform.