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A Day in the Life of Nurse!

Posted by Jamie Abbott on

A day in the life of a nurse is always eventful. No two days are the same, especially with a rotating schedule and the many wards nurses can work in. From pediatrics to the emergency ward or the intensive care unit to the psychiatric unit, nurses are needed at every level of the recovery in a hospital.  

According to this infographic below presented by the Jacksonville University School of Nursing, nurses partake in a lot of dazzling stats, from how long their shifts are to the average miles they can walk in a day (Hint: It’s 4 miles!).

  • Nurses transfuse an average of 82, 192 components of blood a day
  • They help deliver over 11,000 babies a day
  • Nurses see an average of 6.9 patients a day, and that number can be even higher depending on what unit they are working in.

With so many steps to take during the day and a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, being a nurse is one of the most active jobs you can have but for many nurses, it is also the most rewarding. For more insight into the daily lives of nurses, be sure to stay tuned to the blog!

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