3 Reasons Why Nurse Watches Make Great Gifts

Each and every year a brand new class of nursing students graduates and soldiers on into the fast-paced, sometimes manic medical world. Those brave, valiant souls no doubt need support from friends and family, and there's no better way to do that than with a gift.

Whether it's for graduation, holidays, birthday, or an unexpected act of kindness, nurse watches make the perfect gift for those in any kind of medical profession. They even make great gifts for those outside the medical profession with a quirky sense of style or who need better conversation starters.


1. Nurse Watches are Responsible

The United Kingdom and Australia have adopted a new regulation called the Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policy, that requires medical professionals to have nothing on their arms below the elbow. This includes jewelery and watches. It's now gaining traction in North American hospitals.

The policy promotes easier and more frequent hand washing. Many medical professionals, however, became worried that removing traditional watches would inhibit work that could be assisted with a timer or time-keeping device.

Nurse watches solve every problem. They aren't linked to the wrist; they fit neatly in any pocket or clip onto any belt.

They're also conducive to easy washing. The smooth, round edges on nearly every one of nurse watches at NurseWatches.com ensure safe and easy cleaning when the time comes for it. No worries about watch water damage are needed.


2. Nurse Watches are Functional

Nursing students and professionals deserve gifts that work as hard as they do. Nurse watches fit the bill.

First and foremost, nurse watches are durable. Watches at NurseWatch.com are made either out of impact-ready silicone or some kind of sturdy metal material. Nothing about these watches is fragile.

The majority of the watches come with an option for a luminescent, glow-in-the-dark dial. This feature guarantees that it's wearer will never be left totally in the dark. A pristine white dial is available for those who don't think that they'll need this feature.

Lastly, the analog watches' dials tell both military and non-military time. These products don't discriminate based on time-telling preference, so there isn't an unnecessary learning curve for whomever receives this product.


3. Nurse Watches are Stylish

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. Sweeten up someone's sense of style with a nurse watch gift. Some of NurseWatches.com's varied styles include:

Colleagues, patients, and family members alike will no doubt be dazzled by unique personality of these varied, customizable nurse watches. And NurseWatches.com has over one hundred different designs to choose from, ensuring that there's a perfect gift for anyone who wants work—and keep track of time—responsibly.