What to Look for When Buying a Nurse Watch

A major advancement in the medical world, the Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policy of both the United Kingdom and Australia requires medical practitioners to do as the policy's name says, keep the area below their elbows bare. By forbidding jewelry, watches, or other accessories below the elbow, doctors and nurses are washing their hands more efficiently and more often.

Positive feedback from this policy has led to the increasing adoption of BBE in hospitals all across North America. The policy has, however, raised some concerns regarding a practitioner's ability to time pulse and breathing rates.

Fortunately, the fob and pin watches at NurseWatches.com comply perfectly with the BBE, providing its wearers with accurate timekeeping and a keen sense of style.

Safety First

By virtue of their design, our watches come nowhere near the hands or wrists, and fit comfortably in shirt and pants pockets or pinned to the uniform. They are comfortable, out-of-the-way, and easily customizable.

Our watches align with our commitment to keep the workplace crystal clean. All of our pin and fob watches are crafted to promote easy cleaning. Sleek silicone and metal surfaces facilitate a smooth cleaning process, and their air-tight sealing ensure a waterproof guarantee.

Almost every single edge of all our watches is round, further enhancing a convenient clean. The lack of hard, pointed edges also ensures that bacteria has nowhere to hide, making every wash that much more effective. We make them to work as hard as you do.

Convenient Features

 Made specifically with health practitioners in mind, our watches boast time-keeping features that aid its user during his or her daily routine.

All of our watches (with one guitar-shaped exception) sport an analog timepiece that uses both military and non-military time. This provides singular experience no matter who its wearer is.

The majority of our watches also offer customization between dial types. For customers who work in dark or darkened areas, a glow-in-the-dark luminescent option is available. For those who don't, the stylish and bright white dial does the job.

As a gift to our hard-working customers, all of our watches come with a free spare battery and free shipping. Emergencies don't make allowances for ill preparation; we take care of that with the spare battery.

Professional Style

Not only do we want our watches to match the hard-working nature of our customers, but we want them to match their myriad personalities as well.

For those who embrace life's humor, we offer silicone watches shaped like circles, hearts, and flowers. Our whimsical colors for the silicone watches include: pink, neon green, lime green, baby blue, and more. Many also come with polka-dot options too.

Our metallic watches come as sturdy carabiners, necklaces, or belt clips. They feature a sturdy, strong, and understated sense of style. They also come in novelty designs that include miniature basketball hoops, blackjack tables, flowers, cats, flags, and other charms.

Add a chic flare to your professional work with our responsible, durable, and hospital-appropriate time pieces. Here are some of our Best Sellers!