Have You Heard of Bare Below the Elbows? What is it?


Have You Heard of Bare Below the Elbows?  What is it?

“Infection prevention and control is an essential element of patient care and one that has often been undervalued in recent years....”

Bare Below the Elbows or BBE is a policy that has been in effect in hospitals in the UK since 2008 and in Australia since 2010.  The positive feedback from this initiative has prompted a growing number of healthcare institutions in North America to do the same.

 BBE recommends that the absence of wristwatches facilitates more effective hand washing thus reducing healthcare associated infection.  BBE means that all staff in contact with patients should effectively decontaminate their hands and wrists between each episode of patient care or contact.  It is not possible to do this effectively wearing wristwatches and/or jewellery. 

However, some have argued that the “banning of wristwatches could hinder doctors/healthcare practitioners from taking accurate pulse and respiratory rates.  

Our pin-on FOB Nurse Watches and belt style watches are an effectvie and stylish alternative that address both the Bare Below the Elbow guidelines and are a practical and fashionable solution to the everyday challenges in the healthcare field.  Our nursing accessories make great nurse gifts for students and healthcare workers in every field.

Is “Bare Below the Elbows” right for you?  Is your Hospital/Healthcare Facility an advocate?  Please share your thoughts on BBE.

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