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Nurses Week is fast approaching! We honor nurses nationwide starting on Friday May 6 and ending Thursday May 12th.
We at are very excited to be collaborating with many exciting Nurse Bloggers & Healthcare social media influencers for Nurses Week 2016!
Being a small family owned business ourselves, we are super pumped to join forces with so many extraordinary healthcare professionals that encompass the best that nursing has to offer! From nurses working in the field to new nurses starting out to healthcare companies we will be joining forces to promote each other and say a big THANK YOU to all nurses!

We will be kicking off our giveaways on social media, so be sure to check out our
Instagram - @nursewatches
our Facebook Page -
& Twitter -

Some of the great accounts we are featuring are:

Nurseslabs is For All Your Nursing Needs! It is a full-fledged nursing website dedicated to helping student nurses and nurses through information and education. Check out our free NCLEX review questions, nursing care plans, nursing news, and more!  

My name is Nacole Riccaboni, I'm a critical care nurse in Orlando, Florida and I love being a nurse. My life has been filled with medical experiences. From my husband's heart attack (while I was in my nursing program), to us conceiving our son (with the help of reproductive endocrinology), and both of my grandfathers being diagnosed with cancer... medicine has been a big part of my life. I value medical professionals, I value their education and I respect them immensely... So much so, that I became a nurse. I want to help my community and be there in someone's time of need. I love what nurses stand for and how we provide that human touch to medicine. We need more nurses and my goal is to help that bottom-line with YouTube. My videos aren't about COPD exacerbations or heart failure because those concepts are taught in school. I'm not a professor. I want to help new and veteran nurses maneuver around the stressors that the nursing profession can bring. Nursing is an amazing profession but no one educates nurses on time management and communication. I wanted to help nurses manage those stressors. This is why I started my YouTube channel. To help in areas that no one talks about or ignores completely. I want to shine a light and help where I can.

National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) is the premier online certification and recertification provider for health care professionals. Our goal is to provide all health care providers who certify with us with the best certification experience possible through a combination of our training material, comprehensive examinations, overall simplicity, convenience with an online course option, and a firm dedication of using all proceeds to help provide similar education to those previously without access. In choosing NHCPS, you are making a significant contribution towards saving lives in underserved communities around the globe and in local communities, as 100% of the proceeds are donated to the efforts of the Disque Foundation. The Disque Foundation travels all over the U.S and the world, providing access to much needed healthcare education and resources.
NHCPS was founded by Dr. Karl Disque, a board certified physician and practicing anesthesiologist. Based on the time demands required of health care professionals, he felt there was an unmet need for self-directed educational training. He and his colleagues found traditional on-site courses did not fit the constantly improving learning model now available through an online platform. The resulting convenience of online training and the freedom to personally determine when completion occurs, gives health care professionals extra time to continue saving the lives of the patients they are surrounded by on a daily basis. For this reason, all aspects of the course can be accessed online and completed from any device with Internet access.
All courses were created by board certified medical professionals and adhere to the newest AHA standards and guidelines. Courses include many forms of study material, including video demonstrations, audiobooks, and PDF study manuals. Examinations are created from content covered in the training material.

NURSES EYE ROLL                                                    KATI KLEBER, BSN, RN, CCRN, is a nationally certified critical care nurse in Charlotte, North Carolina. A veteran author and blogger on top nursing trends, Kati has been recognized by Charlotte Business Journal as “2015 Nurse of the Year” and is a recipient of the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina award. Kati has also been a featured source across a number of media outlets, including CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, U.S. News, The TODAY Show, and many more.

MIGHTY NURSE MEGAN  •                     Mighty Nurse Megan is a personal blog run by a recent 2016 nursing school graduate. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate others to accomplish their dreams by sharing her own journey and being a mentor to future nurses. On her page you will find her own experiences of what nursing school was like as well as some tips and tricks for getting by. Likewise, Megan loves sharing with her readers the lastest nursing gear to get you through those long 12-hour clinical shifts. Be sure to check her out at or on Instagram  @mightynursemegan.

THE NURSING DAILY  •                                                The Nursing Daily is a blog catered to all current and future nurses. Established in 2014, by a Critical Care Registered Nurse, the intent was to humor nurses and ease the stress of their day. The blog now offers nursing tips to help guide nurses, advice to ease their workload, and humor to lighten their mood. They agree that being a nurse is tough, which is why it’s critical to “work hard but laugh harder”.                                                            The creator of The Nursing Daily Blog is a Critical Care Registered Nurse, BS, BSN, and MSN/FNP-student. Specializing in Emergency medicine, Cardiac Intensive Care, and Tele-medicine. Holding BLS, ACLS, PALS, BLS-Instructor certifications. Their favorite pastime is making fellow nurses laugh.

AND OTHERS!!  Watch for our Giveaways!!!

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